Opportunities to serve

To maintain our Centre functioning we need people who are called to serve here. This provides a great opportunity grow and mature in our Christian character.

Besides the needs mentioned here there are so many other ways to help and serve at Centro Arenys.

If you have a desire in your heart, please let us know by clicking on the “contact” button.

Jardin centro Arenys


Centro Arenys is out in the country surrounded by fields, woodlands and farm lands. We have gardens to take care of and many lawns to mow. We need people who have desire to tend and care and make our surroundings more beautiful.


A big property like Centro Arenys, with many buildings require a lot of maintenance. Water, electricity, heating and furniture repairs are some of the areas that needs attention.

Mantenimiento Centro Arenys

Recording Technician

The purpose of our Rhema Recording Studio is to be able to communicate God’s message with our recordings. To reach this goal we need a person qualified and committed to God to achive this objective.


People from many nations and cultures come to Centro Arenys. We need to give them good and healthy food. We need cooks and helpers to work in the kitchen.

Limpieza Centro Arenys


Cleanliness has a very high priority at Centro Arenys. We need people who are willing to serve in this very important area.