A Christian Centre to serve the Body of Christ

Vista Sur

No Ordinary Place

In an ever changing world, it’s good to know the one who never changes. Centro Arenys stands tall on the horizon, declaring day after day the greatness and faithfulness of God.

Centro Arenys is an Estate that was abandoned for many years. It has now been restored creating a setting of peace and tranquillity.

Since 1984 Centro Arenys has been used by numerous Churches and Christian Organizations. It is available to Christian Groups for Retreats, Youth and Children’s Camps, Missionary Conferences, Pastoral and Leadership Training Seminars and Christian Holiday Camps.

Our Desire: That you come and experience growth in you spiritual life.

Our Prayer: That in this place you will have a deeper encounter with God.

Our Goal: That lives will be renovated and transformed, contributing to the extension of the Kingdom of God.