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Centro Arenys is the ideal place where you could have an encounter with God. Its privileged situation, pleasant climate and its accessability makes the Centre suitable for a multitude of activities.

How to easily access our location.

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Rhema Productions

Neel Wijesinghe’s biography tells us how it all started…

The SYF – Study Manual presentation didn’t do justice to the caliber of teaching and truth it contained and for that reason, we have decided to present this Study Manual in a «reader friendly» format.

Since it was so dense and difficult to read, I suspect very few people have read this Study Manual completely.

The Redemption Plan was designed the moment the Godhead decided to create Man in His own Image and Likeness. Since we were created totally autonomous and independent, we have total freedom to obey or disobey. Each decision carries it’s own consequences. Since we disobeyed, God had to execute His plan of Redemption with it’s gruesome consequences so that we would be restored to communion with our loving Creator.

This free PDF download will help you receive His revelation as you seek to know Him in all His Love, Goodness and Greatness.

Our Digital Recording Studio offers a complete professional service in the whole musical chain.

An Audio-visual presentation that tells the Story of Centro Arenys.

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The facilities are available the whole year round.

Groups of any size can be accommodated, from a small family vacation to a large conference.

The Centre has fully equipped self contained apartments for families.


Centro Arenys organizes Seminars and Conferences conducted by International and National Bible Teachers and Ministries for the benefit of the Body of Christ.

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Believing in the Power of Prayer, Centro Arenys is committed to promote and start Prayer Cells in the area and in our sphere of influence.

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